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Blossoms will run away -
Cakes reign but a Day.
But Memory like Melody,
Is pink eternally
(Emily Dickinson)

Violetta Villas: Dla Ciebie Mily (For You Beloved)

Violetta Villas (real name Czeslawa Cieslak) was born in 1938 in Liège, Belgium, to Polish emigrants. She is a Polish and international singer, also an actress. She has a remarkable 4-octave vocal range and is known for her conspicuous, outstanding appearance and numerous number-one hits on her account. She has been nicknamed "the Polish Yma Sumac". In 1948 she returned with her parents to Poland where she started to learn music. Her 4-octave vocal range and timbre conditions were significant, just for a promising operatic career, but she had decided to progress in more contemporary forms of music, accepting touring and vocal performances on stage. Soon Villas released her debut hits on Polish Radio and first album. She received her first noteworthy prize in Sopot Festival in 1961. In early 60's Violetta Villas toured many countries in Europe and the USA. She singed with Frank Sinatra, Paul Anka and Charles Aznavour. In Carnegie Hall she received standing ovation. In New York all the tickets for her concert were sold. She starred in two movies. Violetta Villas was offered a lucrative 8-year contract with Paramount Pictures but she turned that down, unfortunately. In Las Vegas, Violetta Villas married a fan, an American millionaire of Polish descent, who gave her a theatre as a wedding present, a building specially designed and built for her vocal capabilities. She was talented and he was very wealthy, however their marriage didn't last, she left him and returned to Poland, again with great acclaim.
In her best years Violetta Villas was a mezzo-soprano whose voice had an extraordinary compass and a very wide range of vocal color. In her songs she was showing a remarkable ability to naturally assimilative styles and eliciting a multiplicity of voices. Villas was once a tenor, alto, mezzo-soprano and soprano, a most unique attribute amongst singers of any gender, both in the classical and popular music fields.
Enjoy this song, typical of her style!

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Hej, Man! said...

I wouldn't say that the song you posted is her best, she recorded lots of songs that show off her voice in it's full beauty and power, but they're rather hard to find online in good quality.