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Blossoms will run away -
Cakes reign but a Day.
But Memory like Melody,
Is pink eternally
(Emily Dickinson)

Ângela Maria: Babalú

Here is a song (from 1959) performed magnificently in the fashion of Yma Sumac by the great and beautiful Brazilian singer Ângela Maria.
Born Abelim Maria da Cunha in 1928 in Conceição de Macabu, district of Macaé, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Ângela Maria is a lot more than a popular singer, she is a myth within the Brazilian popular music. She was a regular at talent shows before turning 20, performing under the name Ângela Maria so that her parents would not find out that she was pursuing a career in music. In 1948, she decided to go for it and moved in with her sister. After a brief period as a crooner in a nightclub, she began peforming on the radio. In 1952, a year after her debut album came out, her recording of "Não tenho você" became a best-seller. She was the most popular singer in Brazil in the 1950's, being regarded as the Radio Queen by her many fans. She specializes in samba-tunes, although she has recorded boleros, tangos and ballads. Ângela has recorded about 50 LPs, countless singles and 78s. From the 1960's on, she recorded less hit tracks. Ten years later, she returned to the spotlight with the beautiful "Tango para Teresa". Between 1978 and 1983, she recorded a more sophisticated repertoire and in 1981, she recorded with soul mate Cauby Peixoto for the first time. They matched so well as a duo that they put out the album "Ângela & Cauby" the next year. She released the album "Amigos" in 1996, selling more than 500 thousand copies. "Nem eu", "Orgulho", "Lábios de mel", "Vida de bailarina", "Abandono", "Babalú", "Fósforo queimado" and "Garota solitária" are some of her greatest hits ("Tabú" is another song à la Yma Sumac). She has been in show business for 50 years and remains a true diva of Brazilian music.
Listen to her great voice and enjoy!

Ângela Maria passed away on 29th September 2018. RIP

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